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Patient insights about a neurological disease

A pharma company wanted to collect patient insights regarding a neurological disease to identify the gap in patients' needs.    


Pivotal Patient Journey launched a survey to collect information and feedback coming directly from patients and their relatives. 

Examples of some of the questions that have been answered during the survey:

  • Which impact does the disease have on your life?
  • How many times do you visit your doctor?
  • From whom did you receive information about your disease?
  • ...

Through the survey we collected information about how patients experience their disease and their disease management. To date only little insights from the patients' perspective are known. Better insights would allow the development of useful supporting tools, materials or programs meeting real patients' needs. 


Our approach

Pivotal Patient Journey implemented a stepwise approach:

  1. Preparation phase
    • Workshop with the client to define the goal of the survey
    • Development of the online survey
    • Set-up of Facebook campaign by means of advertisments
  2. Implementation and monitoring
    • Launch of the online survey
    • Launch of Facebook campaign directed to the specific target population to generate traffic to the online survey
    • Daily adverse event monitoring
  3. Reporting
    • Results of online survey were shared with the client at the end of the campaign


Through a Facebook campaign of 3 weeks we were able to get 134 survey respondents in Belgium.

76% of survey respondents were patients and 24% were family/friends.


The client was impressed that Pivotal Patient Journey managed to get that many respondents within a very short timeframe of 3 weeks. In the past the client used to collect patient insights via doctors, who then collected information from the patients. The latter process can take up several months.


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