Patient recruitment

We accelerate patient and healthy volunteers recruitment within Europe and the US. We recruit:

  • patients for clinical trials 
  • patients or caregivers for surveys 
  • candidates for usability tests 
  • patients for market research 

Recruitment for clinical trials

Our expertise, online tools, and proven processes speed up starting or ongoing trials across multiple therapeutic areas. Our patient facing C-Lys platform and targeted online media campaigns reach out to the patients you need.

Of the trials fail to meet recruitment targets on time *

* Hess Jon, Web-based patient recruitment, Cutting Edge Information

Why choose us

Full service patient recruitment
Full service patient recruitment
In-house developed patient management platform C-Lys
In-house developed patient management platform C-Lys
Online and/or phone pre-qualification
Online and/or phone pre-qualification
European reach and expertise
European reach and expertise
GDPR and GCP compliant
GDPR and GCP compliant

Our approach

Mapping your patient recruitment needs

Timelines? Number of patients? Geographical location? Therapeutic area? …

Outline of study awareness campaign

Recruitment campaign: advertising (e.g. social media),
via patient advocacy groups, via health related websites… 

Patient-friendly content for study webpage

Getting approval from ethics committees

We prepare EC submission documents for the recruitment strategy in local languages to receive EC approval

Launch of media campaign and study webpage

Geographic and population targeted advertising to increase the number of visits to the study webpage where candidates can register

Online and phone pre-qualification

Select informed, motivated and pre-qualified study candidates

Referral of pre-qualified candidates to the study site

Sharing of candidates' contact details with the study site team.

Project Management

Communication and collaboration is the key to success!

Patient recruitment cases

More patient recruitment cases