Interview: Digital approach to patient enrolment

ICT Media met with Barbara D'haene and Nathalie Niclaus of Pivotal Patient Journey to talk about digital approaches in patient recruitment.

Barbara D'haene and Nathalie Niclaus, part of Pivotal Patient Journey (previously Akcelis) talk about how digital technologies can be implemented to boost enrolment in clinical trials. 


In the article you will receive insights on topics such as:

  • How can patient recruitment apporaches differ depending on therapeutic area?
  • What is the benefit of a more patient-centric digital approach to enrolment?
  • What are the most effective targeting tools for patient recruitment?

If you would like to read the full article please go to the following link: ICT media (This article is extracted from International Clinical Trials May 2020, page 54-55. © Samedan Ltd)