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Headache website: design and content development

Migraine is a well known but often misunderstood health problem.

The Belgian Headache Society (BHS) and #Moveformigraine platform launched several action points to reduce the burden of migraine and improve the quality of life of patients. One of these action points was the development of a website to inform the general population about the different types of headache, including migraine.


This project was possible thanks to the financial support of: Allergan, Eli Lilly, Novartis and Teva.


Pivotal Patient Journey was approached by the Belgian Headache Society with the request to develop a patient-friendly and easy-to-navigate website about the different types of headache. 


Because it is very important that people suffering from headache (e.g migraine, cluster headache, tension headache) have access to reliable information Pivotal Patient Journey collaborated with different parties to design the website and create content in laymans’ language.


We implemented a step-wise approach:

  1. Workshop with different parties (BHS, patient organisations, neurologists, websitedesigner) to discuss the goal of the website and branding (logo, design…)
  2. During the workshop all parties agreed on the most important topics to be addressed:
    • Types of headache
    • Migraine self-test
    • Migraine diary
    • FAQs
    • Tips and trics to prevent headache
    • Treatment options
  3. Design of the website and branding
  4. Creation of website content, texts, infographics and testing of the usability of the website
  5. Review of draft website by BHS, Patient organisations, neurologists
  6. Update of content based on the feedback of above parties
  7. Launch of website in Dutch and French

Visit the website here: and



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