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Healthcare marketing for a private eye clinic

A private eye clinic in the UK wants to increase the awareness about vision correction options: laser eye surgery, cataract surgery, laser lens replacement... 

The ultimate goal is to book more consultations.


Pivotal's digital experts help the clinic to better understand their target audiences and communicate with them in a modern way through Facebook posts (text ads, carousels, videos, ...).



  • Launch a cost-efficient marketing campaign
  • Increase awareness for vision correction options
  • Increase the number of website visitors
  • Increase in consultations 


Pivotal Patient Journey implemented a stepwise approach:

  1. Preparation phase (1 week)
    • Learn more about the eye clinic and previous awareness efforts
    • Set-up a strategy and planning
    • Content development: texts, images, and videos
  2. Implementation, monitoring and updating
    • Facebook advertising to targeted population
    • Engaging with patients directly
    • Daily adverse event monitoring
    • Monitoring and updating Facebook advertising
  3. Reporting
    • Results are discussed with the eye clinic on a weekly basis


Awareness Strategy

The video show examples of the awareness campaign.



week campaign


Facebook budget


unique link clicks


more inquiries

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