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Raising awareness for a rare disease

Pivotal Patient Journey was contacted by a pharma company to raise awareness for a rare disease. This rare lung disease has a worldwide incidence of of less than 7 per 100.000 inhabitants. It’s a serious condition that can take a long time to diagnose. Shortening the time to diagnosis and treatment is important!

The pharma company has set up a patient-facing international website with information: IPF experts describe the diagnosis of the condition, management options, patient testimonials, ... 

Pivotal Patient Journey was engaged to increase the website traffic in Belgium. 


"Knowledge is power"

  • Increase disease awareness
  • Drive traffic to informative disease related website
  • Empower patients with knowledge
  • Curate Facebook community

Empowered patients are more likley to discuss treatment options with their doctor and decide together on an approach that is right for them.

Our approach

Pivotal Patient Journey implemented a stepwise approach:

  1. Preparation phase
    • Create community page on Facebook
    • Set-up social media calendar
    • Content development: texts and images
  2. Implementation and monitoring
    • Publishing of post on Facebook page
    • Facebook advertising to targeted population
    • Engaging with patients directly
    • Daily adverse event monitoring
  3. Reporting
    • Results of awareness campaign are shared with the client on a monthly basis 



year campaign


individuals reached


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