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Patient Recruitment for a clinical study for gastroenterology (IBS)

For this clinical trial, Pivotal Patient Journey was contacted to recruit people with complaints of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), who have at least one of the following complaints: depressive complaints, anxiety complaints, fatigue complaints or widespread pain complaints.

Our strategy

Pivotal created an EC approved digital recruitment strategy.

  • Our team designed ads that appeal to the target population with carefully selected images.
  • Facebook continues to be the dominant social media channel for users of all ages.
  • After clicking an ad, users were redirected to a study-specific webpage with concise study information and an online pre-screener. Potentially eligible candidates could submit their application and were contacted by the study coordinator.

Recruitment funnel

Success results 1 week after the launch of the webpage and media campaign:

  • 1744 website visitors
  • 107 persons who started the questionnaire
  • 45 candidates who showed to be eligible using the online pre-screener and submitted the application form.

In 1 week time we reached the target amount of referrals.

Informative video

Video concerning this study used for advertisments as an alternative for a static image.





webpage visitors





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