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Patient Recruitment for a clinical study in oncology (advanced melanoma)

In Europe, per year more than 100 000 new cases of melanoma are diagnosed.

Traditional therapies alone (surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy) are not effective once the disease has spread. Novel break-through therapies have revolutionized the treatment landscape, providing hope for long-term survival in advanced melanoma.


Recruiting advanced melanoma patients in a competitive melanoma clinical trials landscape is challenging. 

Pivotal Patient Journey was asked to design and implement a multilingual recruitment strategy by creating awareness about the clinical trial.

Our approach

Pivotal Patient Journey launched a multichannel patient awareness strategy:

  1. Digital advertisements on Facebook and Google
  2. Awareness through patient association
  3. Banners on selected health related websites
  4. Dedicated newsletters to targeted population
  5. Study specific website regarding the melanoma study

Recruitment strategy

The video shows some examples of the awareness campaign and the study webpage.



million impressions

56 500

website visitors


months campaign


digital channels

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