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Patient Recruitment for a clinical study in immunology (asthma)

A European biotech company asked Pivotal to boost the recruitment in an ongoing asthma clinical studyThe aim was to recruit adults with moderate to severe asthma with symptoms despite treatment in different regions in Germany. 

Asthma is a disease characterized by long-term inflammation and narrowing of the airways.

Our strategy

Pivotal’s team developed a comprehensive direct-to-patient digital recruitment strategy.

A 2-step online and telephone prescreening qualification strategy was implemented to recruit the patients based on selected inclusion and exclusion criteria.

  1. Creating awareness through media advertising and medical community + organisations contacts.
  2. By clicking on an advertisement or link, people were redirected to the study specific webpage.
  3. The webpage included a smart online pre-screener where people could apply to participate to the study.
  4. After positive online pre-screening the candidates were called by phone to perform the further prequalification of the candidate.
  5. As a last step the contact details of the pre-screened candidates were shared with the participating study sites.

Study webpage

Webpage on C-Lys platform. This webpage included:

  • comprehensive information about the asthma study in German
  • a smart online pre-screener to assess the eligibility and reduce the screening burden of the study staff
  • the possibility to submit an application form

Our C-Lys patient platform is a validated, multilingual platform to facilitate patient recruitment and follow up.

Video advertisment

A video advertisment has been created to create awareness about this asthma clinical study. 



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