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Healthy Volunteers Recruitment for a clinical study in vaccinology (polio)

Poliomyelitis, known as polio, is a highly contagious infectious disease caused by a virus and can lead to paralysis.

Polio vaccination programs have shown to be successful as polio is eliminated in most parts of the world.  Measures are being taken to ensure the world both achieves polio eradication and takes the necessary steps to keep it polio-free. To support these efforts, 2 new oral vaccines needed to evaluated for their safety and efficacy.


We were involved to recruit and pre-qualify a very targeted group of healthy study candidates.

Two participating sites were searching for two types of healthy volunteers for this polio vaccine study: adults who received the oral polio vaccine (OPV) and adults who received the inactivated polio vaccine (IPV) in their childhood. Given that the IPV is the main vaccination since 1957 in the Netherlands, Dutchmen who were currently living in Belgium could apply for the study.


Our Approach

We launced a multichannel patient recruitment campaign with two-step prequalification:


  1. Advertisements published on several types of social media 
  2. Banners on selected health related websites
  3. Press release was launched concerning the study
  4. Study specific C-Lys webpage with online registration form
  5. Telephone pre-qualification contact with registered candidates

Informative video

An informative animation video was designed to inform potential candidates and create awareness on social media about the ongoing clinical study. 



digital channels


million impressions


webpage views


online registrations

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