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Patient Recruitment for a clinical study in ophthalmology (presbyopia)

Presbyopia is also known as age-related near vision loss resulting in reading issues. Presbyopics tend to struggle with their glasses and it has an impact on their lifestyle. A clinical study evaluates the use of corneal tissue to correct near vision and to eliminate the need for reading glasses or contact lenses. 


An American start-up company, involved Pivotal Patient Journey to create a multilingual recruitment campaign for 6 European countries and to manage the recruitment of candidates closely. 


"I was immediately impressed by their extensive knowledge of the regulatory landscape. They are integrated into our clinical trials along with our CRO and in house regulatory staff, not just reacting but providing helpful guidance as we add more sites. They are very proactive. Probably the best recommendations come from our clinical sites. Before they started I had twelve skeptical clinical sites that had previously poor experiences with recruiting firms. Within one week of kicking off the program the Pivotal Patient Journey results spoke for themselves and I now have twelve sites that are very enthusiastic." David Muller, CEO Allotex

Our Approach

Pivotal Patient Journey designed an international multichannel patient recruiting strategy considering the cultural barriers of the different countries:

  1. Advertisements on Facebook and Google
  2. Banners on selected health related websites
  3. Advertisements on social media channels and websites of the participating study sites
  4. 8 study specific webpages for 6 countries and in 4 different languages
  5. Two-step pre-qualification by online registration forms and telephone pre-qualification contact with registered candidates

Informative animation

An informative video was created to create a visual representation of the purpose of this study trial. The video was used on social media channels and on the study specific webpage.

Results Ireland


million impressions


website visitors


pre-qualification calls


referred candidates

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