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Healthy Volunteers Recruitment for several clinical studies

In addition to patient recruitment, Pivotal Patient Journey also offers recruitment services for clinical trials involving healthy volunteers.


Phase I units are continuously looking for healthy volunteers to be included in their clinical trials. Pivotal Patient Journey was contacted by a phase I unit to boost their recruitment. We proposed to create a general awareness campaign to inform the general population about the importance of clinical trials and to recruit healthy men and women for this phase I unit.


Our challenge was to recruit 300 healthy men and women between 18 and 65 years for phase 1 clinical trials performed by a phase 1 unit in Belgium.

Our approach

Pivotal Patient Journey launched an online recruitment campaign:

  • Facebook advertisements targeted for men & women living up to 80 km around the phase 1 unit
  • Automated pre-qualification of the study candidates through study webpage on C-Lys patient platform: very specific questions were asked based on common inclusion/exclusion criteria of phase 1 clinical trials

306 healthy volunteers were referred to the phase I unit after 2 weeks of recruitment campaign



website visitors


registered volunteers


weeks time

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