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Patient Recruitment for a clinical study in ophthalmology (AMD)

Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), is a common ocular condition, leading to the loss of vision in people aged 50 and older. AMD causes damage to the macula, a small yet important area in the centre of the retina.

The sponsor of the research study has developed a medical device, which is implanted in the eye and functions as a magnification (telephoto) method for improving near and distant vision in suitable patients. 


Our strategy

Pivotal was contracted to support the study centers in 4 countries (Ireland, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands) in the patient recruitment flow. This was done by informing, recruiting and prescreening patients from outside the centers. This was an ‘add on’ to the sites’ standard recruitment practices.

The aim was to inform potential candidates and facilitate pre-qualified & interested candidate referral to sites by:

  1. creating awareness amongst the target study population via online media
  2. providing accurate, clear, and concise information to the potential candidates on the C-Lys platform
  3. performing a two-step pre-qualification (online + telephone) of potential candidates
  4. referring the pre-qualified candidates to study centers for further screening

Study webpages

Pivotal's expert team created  different webpages with a pre-screening form ( to be completed by the potential candidates) for this study on the C-Lys platform. One webpage was created for each country in the native language of that country (English, German, Spanish and Dutch).

These webpages included comprehensive information about the study, among others:

  • the goal of the study
  • the investigated device
  • the eligibility


Informative animation

An informative video was created to visually represent the purpose of this clinical study.



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